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As our slogan says, we take the employer responsibility very seriously and promise you access to trustworthy companies and possibilities to learn and grow. If you want to, we can advise and support you. We look at your professional skills and expectations and help you to promote undiscovered resources and to make your CV stand out. Click here to see our temporary vacancies and choose who you want to join right now.

How it works

Share your competences, decide when you want to work and earn money. This is a platform for people who value the flexibility of choosing their own assignments. Allowing you to apply your skills and experience across a range of industries and companies when it suits you best.

OSM People is the home of professionals

Do you want to choose your own assignments, to work when it suits your life and to apply your skills and experience across a range of companies around the world?

With us you can build your CV and to obtain experiences in different companies at different levels. Whether you require long or short term assignments, work in projects or enjoy seasonal crewing, this is the place for you to meet reliable companies. We will help you to promote your potential and skills and to shape a maritime career which put you at the forefront of your life. 


Meet Tom

“Through my OSM People assignments I have had great colleagues and acquired valuable skills. From my experience, OSM People place an emphasis on safety, good work environments and quality.”


Professionals choosing to work on a temporary basis is growing

Traditionally, jobs were set-up around static workforces organized around specific skills and in defined functions. The future of the maritime industry will show automation of vessels and processes and call for adaptable workforces organized around projects. The workforce will need to be agile and to learn new skills and to be adaptable in order to stay competitive and ready for unseen tasks for the future. Read more here.

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