Offshore Wind Professionals

Solving your personal needs with flexible hiring options

Are you looking for qualified contractors and need flexible hiring options? OSM People will support your business with the right people in the right positions, at the right time.

Some positions we can supply on short notice to the Offshore Wind industry

√ Control room operator

√ Crane operator

√ Deck foreman

√ Electrician

√ Field service engineer


√ Platform manager / OIM


√ Power scheduler

√ Project engineer

√ Project manager

√ Project coordinator

√ Renewable energy consultant

√ Rigger

√ Remote operations specialist






√ Service technician

√ Site manager

√ Technical field advisor

√ Technical section leader

√ Wind farm asset manager

√ Wind resource analyst

√ Wind turbine technician

For questions or inquiries please contact us:
Tel: +47 41 49 20 00