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The right professional for your work and organization

We serve companies from on- and offshore industries that are reliant on flexible labour. Through our extended network we find the right professionals to meet your needs. No-matter the type of assignment, duration or physical location. From administrative roles to specialist work in the field. We ensure that your contractors are skilled, experienced and easily onboardable to keep your organization moving.

Price: Free

Search candidates.

Sign-up and post a job.

Receive support and advice from OSM People team.

Price: 1.990 $ per job

Post a job.  

View anonymized list of professionals interested in your job.

Make shortlisting of candidates.

Get access to contact details and hire preferred candidate from list.

Price: From 15%*

Create job posting(s) or let OSM People do it. 

Our team will find and help hiring the best candidate for the position:

Targeted search

Assessment of contractors

Presentation and accept of match

Legally applicable contract

Payroll and insurance

Tax & compliance.

*of contractors full compensation and benefit package (price follows assignment period)

As you want it

The People team has a clear goal: to provide a full array of services supporting your specific personnel, hiring and organizational needs. We provide contractors that meet temporary staffing, permanent placement, flexible or Ad-hoc needs and general flexible HR services & solutions.

No matter the need, we have the experience to assist you from A to Z. We offer customized solutions just the way you need it.

Our services

√ Assessment and selection

√ Personnel handling and employee contracts

√ Payroll service

√ Training of personnel

√ Travel coordination

√ Insurances