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Here you will find skilled, experienced and certified professionals from scaffolders to masters, electricians, catering personnel and crane operators, and more.

We are committed to support and grow industries reliant on flexible labour. Our 30 OSM offices worldwide and a strong legacy in maritime and offshore industries allows us to talent match your needs whether in Norway or worldwide. Our team is ready to assist you. Please get in touch.

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Hiring professionals is a future safe solution

Interaction between companies, external partners and freelance professionals become more and more fluid and as a result leadership and flexibility will be key factors.

To stay competitive companies must be able to collaborate with the most competent workers and to get projects completed in the most profitable and on time. Hiring professionals is usually a good solution for companies who urgently need a specific competence or a skilled person who can take care of a task. Short term work is also an opportunity to get to know a potential future employee or a new skill set before hiring on a more fixed basis.

OSM People gives you access to skilled and experienced professionals, and we can help you organize your workforce.

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