It's all about people. It's all about you

Talent matching, how it works

OSM People help professionals and companies connect, collaborate and grow. Our digital matchmaking platform will easily help you find your perfect match, whether you are searching for professionals or a job. When working with us you can expect to be served with responsibility, after all, it’s all about people.

Our work always starts with your needs. Every company, professional and job are different and demand different solutions in order to connect right needs and skills.

If you are a company or a professional we work to make life easy for you. We advise and support our customers to be able to make the perfect match of professional and company.

OSM People is part of the OSM Maritime Group who is one of the leading ship management companies. As we in OSM Maritime Group work with matchmaking, crew management and compliance every day we have the right skills and network to help you. We are globally related, and we know the ideal match between company and persons.

OSM office locations

Our family

As part of the OSM Maritime Group we benefit from the knowledge, international network and great experiences when it comes to providing the best team or finding the perfect jobmatches in our different industries.

Over the years, the company has provided solutions for blue companies and professionals in need of personnel for short or long term assignments. 

Since 1989 OSM Maritime Group has provided recruitment for the offshore and maritime industry. With 11,000 employees worldwide we have great experience and know what is important for you as a company or professional.

In short, the OSM family is all about people. At heart we help professionals and companies who want to build a reliable and safe track record together. We are experienced in making the best tailormade match of skills and assignments.

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