Flexible work made simple

Flexible work

We match skilled people with flexible work across the globe. We do this for companies that require work to be delivered by certified, experienced and friendly people. Read more here

“Through my OSM People assignments I have had great colleagues and acquired valuable skills. From my experience, OSM People place an emphasis on safety, good work environments and quality.”

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Benefits for your company

√ Skilled contractors that fit your timeframe and location

√ Compliance with regulations (legislation, certifications, taxes, unions)

Scale your business to meet market changes

Industries we serve

Simple contracting

We take the hassle out of covering your personal needs. From self-serve using our simple matchmaking platform, to our handheld all-inclusive packages making your reliance on contractors a breeze. Read more here

Want an exciting and flexible career ?

Working out of our 30 OSM offices across the globe we are committed to supporting fair terms and income - together with your career growth.
We currently offer exciting positions on- and offshore within the maritime and oil/gas/energy industries. Sign up today to be matched with your dream assignments.