Matchmaking of blue jobs and professionals

Work in the blue industries

OSM People is your matchmaking partner - and a little more.

Our purpose is to make short term and ad-hoc work simple for all partners involved. We offer jobs, professionals and HR services that meet most needs from modern and agile companies in maritime, offshore and related industries.

With OSM People it’s all about people

OSM People is the place were skilled candidates meet trustworthy companies with demanding jobs around the world. We can help your access to these professionals. When you hire professionals with us OSM People will be the employer and the professional will be employed by OSM People. This is a temporary work solution. We take care of all administration & compliance related to the job.

“Through my OSM People assignments I have had great colleagues and acquired valuable skills. From my experience, OSM People place an emphasis on safety, good work environments and quality.”

Get the professionals you need when you need them

Hiring professionals is usually a good solution for companies who urgently need a specific competence or a skilled person who can take care of a full project or task. Short term work is also an opportunity to get to know a potential future employee or a new skill set before hiring on a more fixed basis.

Industries we serve




Easy and trustworthy hire

We allow companies and professionals to easily meet and interact. It’s easy for companies to find skilled professionals, easy for professionals to show interest in a job and easy to start collaboration.

Simple profile set-up, fast matchmaking and trustful contracting and payroll - direct access to onboarding and collaboration. Our goal is to make flexible hiring simple. To make it easy to find professionals. And to help professionals live a balanced and lovable working life. Read more here.

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